Future of Video in Marketing!

In the last few years, the digital landscape has been modified successfully. Previously, people used to read the entire body of text from different related websites and after considering each nock and corner they used to decide what was best, but now the situation is quite different! As we all understand that this is the fast moving and busy century, everybody around us is deeply involved in their businesses, they haven’t much time to read the 3-4 pages description on the web instead they prefer to move through 10 minutes of video which summarized the written content.This is not difficult to suggest that Video marketing is the future of the content marketing. Yes, it will be! If you are the marketer, you must consider the following aspect:


Report Says:

1. By 2020, videos will represent 80% of all web traffic. Visitors will almost completely leave the other media content in order to examine only video content with intent on finding the most valuable information.

2. Yes! You read right, the rate of online buying is increasing day by day! The study says that this rate will increase up to 64% only because of video marketing. Majority of the people say that videos make their purchasing decision better.

3. YouTube stated the online consumer rate is increasing by 97% every year. You can easily estimate the future of videos.

4. 85% of online business websites are using videos to enhance and promote their products and services and the report says that this rate will increase up to 97% in upcoming few years. Marketers attribute videos helped them increase their sales!

5. Online retailers’ conversation rates increased by 71% only by embedding videos in the websites. And the rate is increasing day by day.

Here we can easily estimate the tremendous future of video advertising. It is now progressing and the day is not so far when it will be at its peak! If you are a marketer using video now will give you a clear advantage.