We believe that trust is the most important part of the relationship.

We believe that your favorite is better than number 1.

We believe seeking your creative input drives to the success.

We believe that you are a major part of the end result.

We believe that showing up on time is important.

We believe a dog can provide enjoyment most any time, we have them in the office.


You Create, We Shape

B47 Studios has found that often content that has a personal connection has a greater impact. Thus we are focusing on how we help our clients get connected closer to the the stories they want to tell. We feel this is done through enabling clients to be hands on in the creation process. Our focus will be to enable those that want to be part of the story, to be part of the story. We understand that takes many different shapes.

To have an effective workflow we have developed five key areas of focus. We feel a client can be part of any one of or all of these area. We want to help you discover the process to tell stories you want to tell.

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B47 Studios will provide you with guidelines on how to think about your project. We will provide you with needed resources to execute on given project and deliver to the next step. Or we can handle this for you. 



B47 Studios will supply you with the needed production package and technical guidance to capture your elements. Standard equipment available for this service include a camera, a tripod, wireless mic, light and teleprompter. Or we can do the shoot with you and our equipment.



Once your video shooting is done, uploading to B47 Studios has been made a very easy through our cloud based Portal. Once your uploading is completed, B47 Studios is notified and editing starts. Or if you like B47 Studios can handle the process.



Upon receipt of your video B47 Studios starts editing. Our editing service can include the addition of  open and close animations and lower thirds built for you, also, background audio/music added and color grading applied  as well as your finished creative content.  The edit is reviewed online in your Portal where you can leave notes directly on the frame of video for the editor to see and incorporate in the final video. Or we can work with you on your edit project. 

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Once you approve the edited work, the final video is available in your online Portal where you can download, share or do whatever you want with it. This could be posting to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or the like. You might just want to  utilized the video for internal purposes such as staff communication, education or training.

How would you like to work together to create your story?

Our Team

Kevin Maude

Kevin Maude

Laura Jean Cronin

Laura-Jean Cronin
Senior Producer

Graeme Lowry

Graeme Lowry

Matt Reese

Matt Reese







Script Writing



Studio Shoot



Voice Over







We work closely with our partners to development the best workflow for most cost effective results. Knowing where each of our expertise comes into the project we are able to work quickly and effectively to execute on projects. 

Open Positions

Video Editor

The video editor position crafts the stories we look to tell. They work hand and hand with the producer of given projects to execute the outcomes that inspire, create and drive.



  • Adobe Premiere experience
  • Ability to execute quickly
  • Organized
  • Team Participant
  • Willing to take direction and give input
  • Deliver on what you say you can do
  • Graphics capability a plus

Video Producer

Leading the team on specific projects for execution, the producer is front and center in making sure the vision is set and executed properly. The role will be working with the senior producer on delivering for clients. 



  • Organized
  • Loves the details
  • Able to create and manage a budget
  • Good with clients
  • Sets and achieve/exceeds metrics for given projects
  • Leads teams and works as a team mate.

Looking to get an understanding of what it is like to be in a video production company? Everybody in the office knows how to get their own coffee so we look for people who want to gain experience getting their hands wet. Sure you might roll some cables but so does the owner. 



  • In school
  • Willing to say "yes"
  • Looking to build experience
  • Willing to be part of a team
  • Have a view that can be expressed

Video Intern


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