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Our clients come back time after time because of the trust that has been built through a collaborative process of creating visual stories that resonant. Our reputation and the trust we have earned matters! 

You need to execute now...
Working with people who you want to work with matters...
Creation of content is done best with those you enjoy...
You are looking for trusting relationship with your important projects...

Are you ready to get your story told?


Moving motivation

Within every story, within every message we seek out either the comedy, tragedy or core value which compels the audience to take action, to remove obstacles, and to believe--all derived from a places in their hearts and minds.


imparting INSIGHT

From creating awareness to developing mastery, we aim to deliver information that is compelling, useful, relevant, reliable, your purpose, your content platform, and your audience. 

activating ability

Sometimes showing the way is all that is needed to go from "can't do" to "know-how" or even expertise. Our forte is in right-sizing the knowledge content into the actionable, entertaining, informing elements. 


Social Media Content

Video content is predicted to dominate as the social media content format of choice in 2016 and beyond. It is vital your video content is both relevant and engaging while at the same time be strategic and cost-effective. B47 Studios has years of experience creating serialized content for entertainment, business and education which optimizes production to meet both your audience and budget goals. More...



Have a big goal you need a video to solve? B47 has created numerous videos to meet widely varying single use-cases:  videos for product launches, demonstrations, fundraising, case studies, testimonials, how-to, sales training, sizzle reels, and numerous others. Starting with your communications goals, opportunities and needs, we collaborate with you in crafting the right video solution from creation-to-completion.

High-quality. On-time. On budget. A trusted partner you can depend upon!